It is well documented acquisitions often do not meet the expectations of the buyer. In our experience this can be attributed to:
  • Not enough detail is put into understanding the business to be acquired.
  • If risks are identified, these are not mitigated enough.
  • Overpaying and thus not achieving the expected return required on cost paid.
  • Insufficient planning to ensure, after acquisition, the business can achieve the desired performance.

The acquisition (or for that matter disposal) process requires specialist skills that are expensive. Throughout our many years of experience, Ferguson Advisory is able to assist in making the process easier to manage and less costly.

We are experienced in:
  1. Corporate Finance Project management.
  2. Managing Due Diligence reviews – particularly Commercial and Financial.
  3. Valuation and Price assessment.
  4. Ensuring the risks identified in due diligence are adequately covered in any final agreements.
  5. Contract negotiations.
  6. Integration planning and implementation.

By partnering with our clients we help to ensure post completion a plan is in place to ensure the acquired business is able to deliver on expectations.


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